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  • Multifamily fundamentals are strong: Occupancy for stabilized properties was 94.9 percent as of February.
  • The NFL owners approved the relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas in a 31-1 vote on Monday, culminating more than a year of efforts to lure the team to Sin City.
  • Major League Soccer is adding two expansion clubs in 2017 — Atlanta United and Minnesota United — and officials announced last year that they soon plan to further expand by four clubs – to a total of 28. But is Las Vegas even in consideration to be among them?
  • Construction is expected to start within the next few months on Vegas Trade Village, a $100 million development that will provide a space for foreign manufacturers to live, eat and display their wares in North Las Vegas.
  • Instead of recoiling in terror at the thought that the Fed not only is ready to hike interest rates but also is prepared to do so on a regular basis, the market essentially has shrugged. No wailing, no gnashing of teeth, just a general recognition that higher rates are in the future and that doesn't spell looming catastrophe.
  • A high-speed train system linking Las Vegas and Southern California would attract about 11 million round-trip riders and generate roughly $1 billion in annual revenue by full buildout in 2035, according to a report released Thursday.
  • Las Vegas’ apartment boom has brought numerous projects to the suburbs, with properties offering loads of amenities and higher-than-usual rents.

    Now, amid talk that developers have been overbuilding, some are turning to areas that got ignored in recent years: urban neighborhoods.
  • There is a familiar saying that there are very few constants in life, but one thing we can always count on is change.
    That statement has never been more true than it is in today’s political environment. As the year came to an end, we had many discussions with our clients regarding acceptable ways of pushing income into the next year in hopes that we might see lower tax rates in 2017 and beyond. We might not know for several months what those new tax rates will look like, but I think most of us share the same general opinion and expectation they will be lower. While many details are still to come, this belief is based on the tax proposal from President Donald Trump and a similar proposal from House Republicans.